What's New in Workplace? April 2022

All the latest Workplace product announcements and feature releases.

This month, we're excited to announce collections, a new way to share and organize content from your Knowedge Library. Read on to learn about collections, as well new educational materials to help you setup and use Workplace integrations with tools like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Zoom and more.
Create collections in Knowledge Library

Create collections in Knowledge Library

Collections allow Knowledge Library admins to organize Knowledge Library categories, subcategories, related files and links together. They can then be pinned to groups, making Knowledge Library content easier to discover and engage with. For example, your new hires might need to access content from a few different Knowledge Library categories to complete their onboarding. Rather than sending them to all these different locations, you can organize categories and subcategories together into a new hire collection which can then be pinned to your new hire Workplace group.
Only Knowledge Library admins can create collections, but just like categories, admins can give anyone in the organization access to edit or view a collection. Any group admin can also pin a collection to that group as long as they have access to view that collection.

People viewing collections will only be able to see specific categories if they've been given access to the view them. They will not see categories that they don't have access to.

Connect Workplace with your Microsoft tools

Connect Workplace with your Microsoft tools

Discover new resources to help you setup and use integrations with Microsoft tools like Teams and SharePoint.
  • Want to setup integrations with Microsoft tools? Check out this guide in the Technical Resources.
  • Want to learn more about the integration with Microsoft Teams? Discover how the integration works and how it benefits internal communications teams, people managers and employees in this guide and video.
  • Already have the Teams integration installed? Share this guide and video with your employees to help them sync Workplace groups to their Teams channels.
  • Want to share Workplace content to your internal website or intranet? Check out this guide to learn how to enable content sharing from Workplace.
Go live from your favorite video calling tools

Go live from your favorite video calling tools

Integrations with tools like Zoom, Webex and BlueJeans allow you to broadcast your video calls to Workplace. This can help you:
  • Reach more people, since those who can't tune in live can catch up later
  • Keep viewers engaged with Q&A, comments and reactions
  • Make your video content accessibe with automatic captions and regenerated and translated captions
  • Get actionable engagemenet data with Live video insights
  • Technical setup guide to help you install the integration
  • Sample communications you can use to educate your employees
  • A guide on how to go live from Zoom, Webex or BlueJeans
  • Tutorial videos covering everything from setting up the integration to going live using it